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We are not experts….AT ALL. We in no way have life figured out, whatsoever. In fact, in our many attempts to get our overall health, wellness, and personal lives together, we have produced some pretty epic fails (worth sharing). But that’s what makes us human, just like you. So join us as we mix our humor and realism, share our stories, give others a voice, and bring in REAL experts to help us sort it all out.

Sep 29, 2021

“Forget all that other noise that you allowed to come cloud your mind and tell you whether or not you deserve to be there.” - @ashleydubose

Advice Ashley DuBose gave herself when discussing her experience on The Voice and the importance of simply being you (also the name of one of her album cover titles, Be...

Jul 29, 2021

Breakups suck…. They’re really hard.  And during the pandemic, many couples realized that being together wasn’t going to work.  In this episode of #WorkInProgress, Francine gives some insight into her Pandemic breakup that happened during the summer of 2020.  And if anyone has gone through an unexpected breakup,...

Jun 21, 2021

#Season2Ep3 #ListenToWIP

Transition: You know when you know…a change is gon’ come. It’s happening each passing day; internally and environmentally.
The pandemic slowed us down and gave us all new perspective. And as we come back to “normal,” conversation was had.
For one of us (@glaizaregis ) life just seemed...

Apr 1, 2021

Trauma erodes our confidence, causes anxiety and can stifle our growth.  But sometimes the right person can come around and spark the new idea, and ignite possibility of doing the things you actually enjoy doing. In spite of the people who doubted, Shanelle knew what she was capable of doing but after the tragic loss of...

Feb 2, 2021


From St. Paul to LA to Atlanta, Black In America actor @geoff_briley ‘s testimony is proof that no amount of circumstances in life can limit the laughter and lessons you have to give to others or the belief that you can still have in yourself.
From growing up in multiple foster homes, behind broke,...