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We are not experts….AT ALL. We in no way have life figured out, whatsoever. In fact, in our many attempts to get our overall health, wellness, and personal lives together, we have produced some pretty epic fails (worth sharing). But that’s what makes us human, just like you. So join us as we mix our humor and realism, share our stories, give others a voice, and bring in REAL experts to help us sort it all out.

Aug 28, 2019

So what have we learned?? 🤔 Relationships aren’t easy and there are so many angles to consider when approaching the dating world. Whether you’re in pursuit of, or just waiting on the right one—hear what we had to say (just 2 cents or so) on what we’ve learned from our three men on episode 5. Again, nothing short of foolery, fun, and new dating facts (for us anyway). Listen in!!

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