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We are not experts….AT ALL. We in no way have life figured out, whatsoever. In fact, in our many attempts to get our overall health, wellness, and personal lives together, we have produced some pretty epic fails (worth sharing). But that’s what makes us human, just like you. So join us as we mix our humor and realism, share our stories, give others a voice, and bring in REAL experts to help us sort it all out.

Jul 26, 2019

You hear all the success stories from motivational speakers who start their mornings at 4am, travel all around the world, read dozens of books, eat healthy and exercise, mentor, and make a lot of money. But really though… where do you find the motivation? In episode 3 of #WorkInProgress we bring in Mr. Jesse Ross. Jesse is an executive coach that works with leaders on personal and professional development. He focuses on transformation from the inside out. In addition to coaching, Jesse is an international speaker, certified facilitator, and a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). But before the titles and travels, Jesse shares his story of humbling beginnings from experiencing loss, failure, struggles, and overcoming. Through all of the trials and triumphs, he shares how he stays motivated to keep going.